Андрей Илларионов (aillarionov) wrote,
Андрей Илларионов

Достойно внимания

Сотрудники организации, выступающие среди прочих под шапкой такого ЖЖ, как[info]rupor_naroda, обратили мое внимание на выступление М.Саакашвили на 64-й сессии Генеральной Ассамблеи ООН:

Познакомившись с выступлением, должен признаться, что вынужден согласиться с мнением неусыпных мониторов эфира – речь действительна достойна внимания. Прежде всего российских граждан.
Благодарю за подсказку.

Выдержки из выступления Саакашвили:

...Twenty years ago, a universally feared military force was defeated by the force of a universal truth – the call for freedom and the simple desire to live a dignified life.
When the Berlin Wall was dismantled 20 years ago, it did more than free the captive nations of the Warsaw Pact. 
It unleashed the hopes, dreams, aspirations and talents of millions of citizens living under the tyranny of the Soviet Union – including my own nation’s people…

…One year ago, my country was invaded: tanks, war planes, warships, bombs and state-directed cyber hackers descended upon our towns, villages, cities, infrastructure, and economy.
Hundreds of our people were killed or wounded. Tens of thousands of innocent civilians were forced to flee in the face of ethnic cleansing that independent human rights organizations have documented. 
Today, these acts of brutality have gone unaddressed – in direct contravention of international law, the norms of this institution and internationally signed agreements designed to reverse these wrongs.
These are the facts that confront us as we gather here today. And these facts do have a name: armed aggression, ethnic cleansing, mass violations of human rights, and illegal occupation.
Ladies and gentlemen, those who unleashed war in my region and led ethnic cleansing campaigns in my country – said yesterday in this very hall – that they had to do it to, “implement the principle of indivisibility of security” – in order to, “step over the legacy of the past era”.
The only thing that they stepped over was our sovereign border.
They said they had to do it... As their predecessors had to invade Poland in 1939, Finland in 1940, Hungary in 1956, Czechoslovakia in 1968, and Afghanistan in 1979.
And they had to erase a capital of 400,000 inhabitants – Grozny, to destroy and exterminate the proud Chechen nation and kill tens of thousands of innocent women and children.

…We are winning the peace because every day, nations from our region become more and more independent from our common imperial legacy. 
Every day, regional states reject more and more the tremendous pressure coming from our common past.
Every day, the idea that we can resist revanchist tendencies is growing and every day an arc of independent nations - from Belarus to Moldova – Uzbekistan to Mongolia - is telling the world that spheres of influence is a thing of the past.

…After all, the clarion voice of those velvet revolutions two decades ago – the voice of Vaclav Havel – offered us a solemn reminder only this week about the dangers we have yet to overcome.
Speaking of the new wall that now divides Georgia, he wrote, together with other prominent Europeans – and I quote:
“The failure of Western democracies to respond to the dismemberment of a friendly nation, albeit a small one, can have very serious global consequences. 
The European Union was built against the temptation of Munich and the iron curtain. It would be utterly disastrous if we were to appear in any way to condone the kind of practices that plunged our continent into war and division for most of the last century. 
At stake is nothing less than the fate of the project to which we continue to dedicate our lives: the peaceful and democratic reunification of the European continent.” 

Все выступление: http://www.un.org/ga/64/generaldebate/pdf/GE_en.pdf

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