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Хроники Гии Джандерия

Гия Джандерия - вице-президент Новой экономической школы в Тбилиси, глубокий мыслитель и очень порядочный человек. 

С начала войны он ведет записи происходящего.
Часть из них он прислал мне.

Официальная российская версия войны хорошо известна. Полезно узнать и иной взгляд. 

Дополнение от 26.08.2008:
переводы на русский язык:

Timeline of Events in the
Russians Invasion & Occupation of Georgia
As of 21:30, August 16, 2008, 21:30

The information below is accurate to the best of our knowledge,
but is subject to verification.

A pickup truck carrying six Georgian police officers is blown up by separatists.
• At 08:00, a pickup truck carrying six Georgian police officers is hit by two remote-control explosive devices on the Eredvi-Kheiti bypass road linking Georgia proper with the Didi Liakhvi Gorge, a Georgian enclave north of the breakaway region's capital Tskhinvali. Five of the six Georgian policemen are severely wounded.
• The Government of Georgia decides not to retaliate in order not to escalate the situation.

Six civilians and one Georgian policeman are injured by gunfire coming from South Ossetian territory controlled by Russian peacekeepers.
• Six civilians and one Georgian policeman are injured by gunfire coming from South Ossetian territory controlled by Russian peacekeepers, following the shelling of Georgian villages in the South Ossetian conflict zone overnight.
• The Georgian-controlled villages of Zemo Nikozi, Kvemo Nikozi, Nuli, Avnevi, Eredvi, and Ergneti come under intense fire from the South Ossetian separatists with large-caliber mortars.
• Georgian law enforcers initially shoot back in self-defense, but are soon ordered to cease fire in order not to escalate the situation.

The separatist government of South Ossetia begins evacuating civilians.A
• At 12:00, the South Ossetian separatist government announces the evacuation of more than 500 people, including about 400 children. However, Ermak Dzansolov, deputy prime minister of Russia's North Ossetian Republic, tells Russia's Interfax news agency that this is not in fact an evacuation. He explains that the children had long planned to attend a summer-camp program in North Ossetia.
• Russian media outlets, meanwhile, launch a massive propaganda campaign to whip up public sentiment against Georgia.
• At 13:00, the South Ossetian separatist government calls for the mobilization of volunteers across the North Caucasus.

4 & 5 AUGUST
Throughout both days, separatist forces in territories controlled by Russian peacekeepers fire on villages inhabited by ethnic Georgians loyal to the pro-Georgian South Ossetia government. No casualties are reported.

16:00. Separatists reject plea for negotiations and refuse to meet with Georgia's envoy for conflict resolution, Temur Yakobashvili, who has traveled to Tskinvali to meet with them.
• Temur Yakobashvili, Georgia's chief negotiator and its state minister for reintegration, says in late-night televised remarks that the Georgian government is seeking a direct dialogue with the separatist authorities in order to reverse the deteriorating security situation. Mr. Yakobashvili says that Russia's Ambassador-at-large Yuri Popov would attend the talks as a facilitator. The South Ossetian chief negotiator, Boris Chochiev, refuses to take part in any negotiations.

20:00. South Ossetian para-militaries open mortar fire on villages inhabited by ethnic Georgians.
• Separatists open mortar fire on Georgian populated villages of Eredvi, Prisi, Avnevi, Dvani, and Nuli. Georgian government forces fire back in order to defend their positions and the civilian population.
• As a result of intensive cross-fire during the night, two servicemen of the Georgian battalion of the Joint Peacekeeping Forces are injured. The separatist regime also claims several of their forces are hurt.
• Despite these provocative, targeted attacks on peaceful civilians and on Georgian police and peacekeeping forces, the Government of Georgia decides not to respond with heavy fire, in order not to injure civilians.

09:00. South Ossetian separatist government leader threatens to "clean Georgians out" from the region.
• In a morning interview with Russian news agencies, South Ossetian de facto president Eduard Kokoity declares that if the Georgian government does not withdraw its military forces from the region, he would start "to clean them out." The Georgian military forces to which he refers are peacekeepers who are legally present in the South Ossetia conflict zone.

09:45. A Russian military jet drops bombs near a Georgian military radar based 30 kilometers outside of the conflict zone.
• According to local civilian witnesses, at about 09.45, a fighter plane, presumed to be Russian (it enters Georgia from the South Ossetian conflict zone) drops 3-5 bombs near the village of Shavshvebi, approximately 300-500 meters from the location of a Georgian military radar.

15:00. For the second time in two days, the separatist government of South Ossetia refuses to negotiate with Georgian envoy Temur Yakobashvili, who again travels to Tskhinvali to plead for peace.
• Yakobashvili visits the conflict zone in the morning of August 7 to meet with representatives of the separatist government. The separatists refuse to meet or negotiate with him. Instead, Yakobashvili confers in Tskhinvali with Marat Kulakhmetov, commander of the Joint Peacekeeping Forces.

16:00. Three Georgian servicemen from the Georgian peacekeeping battalion are injured by paralimitary troops.
• Separatist militia resume shelling the Georgian villages of Nuli and Avnevi.
• Three Georgian servicemen are injured after the South Ossetian separatist forces blow up an infantry combat vehicle belonging to the Georgian peacekeeping battalion in Avnevi.
• Georgian police respond by firing towards the separatist militia in the village of Khetagurovo, where two separatist militiamen are killed and two more wounded.
• Later, the Georgian peacekeeping checkpoint in Avnevi is bombed and several Georgian servicemen and civilians are killed.

18:30. The President of Georgia announces a unilateral cease fire.
• Georgia announces a unilateral ceasefire in an attempt by the Government to defuse tensions. Temur Yakobashvili, the Georgian state minister for reintegration and envoy for conflict resolution, says at a press conference at 18:40 that he is continually seeking to contact the separatist authorities, but without success.

20:00. President Saakashvili calls on Russia to recall those of its officials who are members of the South Ossetia separatist government.
• President Saakashvili, speaking with journalists at the military hospital in Gori (where he is visiting two injured Georgian servicemen), reaffirms that despite the deadly attacks on Georgian villages, the Government of Georgia is showing maximum restraint. The President also calls on Russia to "to recall its officials" from South Ossetia, who are members of the so-called South Ossetian government.

20:30. Despite Georgia's unilateral cease-fire, the village of Avnevi in the South Ossetia conflict zone— inhabited by ethnic Georgians— is totally destroyed by mortar fire.
• Despite Georgia's unilateral ceasefire, the Georgian village of Avnevi again comes under fire from South Ossetian militiamen. The village is totally destroyed.

21:00. The Security Council of the separatist government threatens to employ Russian Cossack mercenary troops fight Georgian peacekeepers.
• The chairman of the separatist republic's Security Council, Anatoly Barankevich, says that armed Cossack militia from North Ossetia are heading towards South Ossetia to fight Georgian peacekeepers.

22:30. Separatist paramilitaries attack the Georgian-controlled village of Prisi, leaving several civilians wounded.

23:30. Heavy shelling by separatist forces destroy Georgian police stations on the administrative border of South Ossetia.
• Separatist authorities open fire on all Georgian checkpoints around the South Ossetian capital Tskhinvali at about 23:30, including those located near the villages of Tamarasheni and Kurta. The police stations in the Georgian Kurta is destroyed as a result of heavy shelling.

23:30. 100 Russian armored vehicles and Russian troops invade Georgia, crossing the Roki Tunnel from Russia into Georgia
• The Government of Georgia receives reliable information from three separate sources that approximately 100 armored vehicles and trucks of the Russian armed forces, filled with Russian soldiers, are passing from Russia over the border of Georgia through the Roki Tunnel and are heading towards Tskhinvali. The Russian Federation is thus directly violating the sovereignty of Georgia, as these new forces are regular Russian military and not peacekeepers.

Early morning. South Ossetian paramilitaries and Russian peacekeepers direct heavy fire on Georgian peacekeepers.
• intensive fire emanates from the Ossetian villages of Khetagurovo, Dmenisi, Sarabuki, and Ubiat. Separatist authorities continue shelling Georgian police and peacekeeping units with mortars and artillery. The Government of Georgia orders its forces to return only limited fire in order to defend their positions.

04:28. For the first time, and in response to the entry of Russian armed forces into Georgian sovereign territory, Georgian military (as opposed to Georgian peacekeepers) enter the conflict zone.
• Georgian government forces take control of six villages in the Tskhinvali region: Muguti, Dmenisi, Didmukha, Okona, Akut, and Kohati and enter the village of Khetagurovo.

05:30. Additional Russian troops enter Georgia through the Roki Tunnel in South Ossetia. They pass Java, cross the Gufta Bridge, and advance one the Dzara road towards Tskhinvali.

08:00. Russian troops on the Gufta Bridge, connecting Djava and Tskhinvali, are the targets of a Georgian aerial bombardment.
• Later, two more groups of Russian troops enter South Ossetia through the Roki Tunnel, which connects Russia and Georgia, but cannot cross the Gufta Bridge, which has been destroyed; they advance instead by the Geri-Dmenisi road.

09:00. Georgian forces control the villages of Gromi, Artsevi, Tsinagara, Znauri, Sarabuki, Khetagurovo, Atotsi, Kvemo Okuna, Dmenisi, Muguti, and Didmukha.

09.45. A Russian military fighter plane bombs a Georgian military radar that lies 30 kilometers outside of the conflict zone.

10.30. Seven civilians are injured by bombs dropped by Russian Su-24 fighter jets on the village of Variani in the Kareli district, 75 kilometers west of Tbilisi and 20 kilometers outside of the conflict zone.

10.50. Six Russian Su-24 fighter jets enter Georgia from the Russian Federation.

10:57. Russian aircraft drop three bombs on the town of Gori, well outside of the conflict zone.
• One bomb falls near the Gori stadium, a second near the Gorijvari slope, and a third near an artillery brigade.

11:45. The emergency service of the Civil Aviation Authority reports receiving a signal from what is presumed to be a Russian fighter plane that has crashed near the Iuri range, 17 kilometers south of Gori.

11.45 Four Su-24 Russian fighter jets enter Georgia.
• Four Su-24 Russian fighter jet enter Georgia from the direction of Stepantsminda (Kazbeg), northeast of the Roki Tunnel and outside of the conflict zone. Two of them pass Tbilisi and circle around Marneuli, south of Tbilisi. The other two circle above Gudauri, north of Tbilisi.

12.05. A Russian Su-24 fighter jet enters Georgian air pace from Russia and remains over Tskhinvali until 12.15.

13:00. Part of Tskhinvali comes under the control of the Georgian army and fighting continues in the center of the city.

14.15. The Government of Georgia announces a three-hour ceasefire.
• The Georgian government announces a ceasefire from 15.00 till 18.00 to allow civilians to leave Tskhinvali. The Government of Georgia offers the separatists full amnesty and humanitarian aid if they surrender.

14.30. Georgian government forces control Tskhinvali; resistance comes from small militia groups.

15:05. A Russian airplane bombs Vaziani airfield on the outskirts of Tbilisi.
• A Russian bomber enters Georgia from the direction of Tedzami, just south of Gori, and drops two bombs on the Vaziani military airport.

16:00. Georgian servicemen surround the village of Znauri near Tskhinvali.
• About 40 police officers and reservists are trapped in Znauri school.

16.30. Russia bombs Georgian airfields south of Tbilisi.
• Russian planes bomb the Marneuli and Bolnisi military airbases, 20 kilometers and 35 kilometers south of Tbilisi respectively. Two Georgian aircraft are destroyed on ground, as are several buildings. There are numerous casualties.

17:00. The Georgian airbase at Marneuli, 20 kilometers from Tbilisi and outside the conflict zones, is bombed again, causing casualties.

17:35. Marneuli airbase bombed for a third time.
• The Marneuli airbase is bombed for a third time, resulting in 1 death and 4 injured. As a result of the three bombings, three AN-2 type planes and several military vehicles are destroyed.

18:32. Georgian villages come under Russian aerial and artillery fire.
• Frone Gorge, northeast of Tskinvali, comes under intensive artillery fire from Russian forces. The villages of Avnevi and Phrisi, in the Tskinvali region, are bombarded by Russian military aircraft.

18:44. Russian ground forces of the 58th Army attack Tskhinvali.
• A column of Russian tanks, armored vehicles, and trucks reach Tskinvali by the Dzara bypass road, 2 kilometers west of Tskhinvali. Russian forces open intensive fire on Georgian forces located in Tskhinvali and on neighboring heights. A second column, also having come from Russia via the Roki Tunnel, is stopped near the Georgian government-controlled area of Dmenisi, 7 kilometers north of Tskinvali. Russian forces open heavy fire on Georgian forces.

18:45. Five Russian airplanes bomb Georgian artillery brigade in Gori.

19:18. Georgian forces down Russian jet near Tskhinvali, one of 5 planes shot down during the day.

19:20. Russian jets pass over the town of Ambrolauri, outside of the conflict zone, 170 kilometers northwest of Tbilisi.

20:30. Georgian troops withdraw from Tskhinvali.
• After severe clashes, Georgian forces start to withdraw from the center of the town, holding their positions at its southern outskirts. Russian tanks enter the eastern part of Tskhinvali.

22:40. According to the data of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia Russian planes violated Georgian airspace a total of 22 times during the day.

9 August

00:12. Russians bomb vital port of Poti.
• Black Sea Poti port, 260 kilometers west from Tbilisi, outside the conflict zone, purely civilian infrastructure, is bombed heavily.

00:17. Russian air force attacks railway station and military base in town of Senaki.
• Railway station in Senaki is bombed and eight reported killed. Lightening bombs dropped on Senaki military base, 213 kilometers west of Tbilisi, outside the conflict zone. 1 serviceman and 5 reservists were reported killed.

00:20 Russia bombs an airfield in the outskirts of Tbilisi.
• Vaziani military airfield, 2-3 kilometers from Tbilisi International Airport outside the conflict zone, is bombed again.

01:00 Russian jets continue bombing of Poti port
• Poti port bombed for the second time.

01:20 Russian jets drop bombs close to BTC pipeline.
• Gatchiani, Gardabani district, 20 kilometers south-east of Tbilisi, close to the BTC pipeline, bombed. Pipeline not damaged.

10:00 Russian jets bomb Georgian airfields as Russian ground forces launch massive invasion of the country.
• Russian air force bombed Kopitnari airdrome, few kilometers from Kutaisi. 58th Russian Army, positioned in the North Caucasus, enters South Ossetian region. They engaged in battles with the Georgian army in Tskhinvali, 92 kilometers northwest from Tbilisi.

10:20 Russian jet shot down over Gori.
• One more Russian military airplane is shot down in Gori, 60 kilometers northwest from Tbilisi, outside the conflict zone. Pilot captured.

10:22 Russian air force continues to bomb Gori

12:40 Russia bombs airfield near Kutaisi in Western Georgia.
• Kopitnari airport runway bombed again.

14:00 Russian aviation attacks Georgian airfield in Upper Abkhazia.
• Russian air force attacks Upper Abkhazia (Kodori gorge) in several places, including the airdrome.

14:30 Parliament approves President's Ordinance on Declaration of State of War and general mobilization.

15:45 Abkhaz separatist leader Sergey Bagapsh announces launching of Upper Abkhazia shelling.

16:05 Four Russian jets overfly Upper Abkazia.

16:15 Russia sends navy to the Georgian coast.
• Two Russian battleships are heading towards Poti port.

16:35 Town of Oni, north of Georgia, outside conflict zone, bombed by Russian aviation.

16:40 Russian Navy prevents Moldovan Cargo Ship "Lotus – 1" carrying wheat from entering Poti Port.

19:45 Tskhinvali is under control of Georgian regular troops.

22:30 Russian air force bombs Chkhalta, administrative centre of Upper Abkhazia.
• Russian air force bombs Chkhalta, administrative centre of Upper Abkhazia. No casualties reported.

10 August

Early morning 6,000 Russian troops enter Georgia through Roki tunnel: 90 tanks, 150 Armored Personnel Carriers, 250 artillery gunships. 4,000 Russian troops land at port of Ochamchire in Abkhazia, from Black Sea port of Sevastopol.

05:45 Tbilisi airplane factory bombed.
• Russian jet enters Georgian airspace from Dagestan and drops three bombs near Tbilisi airplane factory.

07:00 Georgian Government Forces withdraw from Tskhinvali.

07:40 Russian jets bomb village of Urta in Zugdidi district.

08:45 Ten Russian jets attack Upper Abkhazia. One jet downed by Georgian troops.

14.00 Turkish TV crew attacked near Gori. Journalist wounded.

15:00 Russian airplanes bomb Knolevi village in the northern Kareli district on the main highway of the country.

15:10 Russian troops and Abkhaz separatists launch joint ground attack on Upper Abkhazia, supported by Russian aviation.

16:05 Gori bombed by Russian aviation.

16:10 Russia bombs a bridge on the central highway connecting Eastern and western parts of the country.
• Russian aviation bombed the only remaining bridge on the highway linking eastern and western parts of the country. Bridge on fire.

Russia establishes rules for Journalists' access to the conflict zones
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation announces journalists required to have special accreditation from Ministry of Defense of RF and second accreditation from MFA of RF to enter Russian-Georgian conflict zone.

Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia - Mr. Karasin announces terms of ceasefire.

17:30 Georgian MFA hands diplomatic note on cease fire to Russian Embassy.

• Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs hands diplomatic note to the Charge d'affaires of Russian Embassy Mr. Smag, informing about order of the president Georgia on unilateral cease-fire.

18:00 Russian Airplanes bomb Black Sea town of Anaklia in Zugdidi district.
• Town is located 280 kms from Tbilisi, near the Georgian – Abkhazian conflict zone. No casualties reported.

19:10 Second bombing of the aviation factory in Tbilisi "Tbilaviamsheni" by Russian aviation

Two journalists killed in Tskhinvali.
Journalist of Itar-Tass agency Alexander Klimchuk and Alanya TV editor Giga Chikhladze were taken hostages and murdered. The journalists entered Tskhinvali together with Georgian government forces.

11 August

00:30 Russian aviation bombs radar station near the Tbilisi-Poti highway.
• Civilian radar station in the village of Shavshvebi, west of Tbilisi, destroyed by Russian planes.

03:05 Villages near Batumi bombed by Russian planes.
• Cemetery and fields have been hit. No casualties reported. Villages are close to Georgian – Turkish boarder.

04:37 Civilian radar destroyed.
• Radar station located on Makhata mountain, 5 kilometers from downtown Tbilisi bombed by Russian planes

05:00 Russian aviation bombs Shiraki airfield in Kakheti Region, east of Tbilisi
• Shiraki airfield in Dedoplistskaro District close to Azerbaijanee boarder is one of the biggest airfields of Georgian aviation in the eastern part of the country.

06:10 Gori was bombed. Civilian apartment buildings were destroyed.

07:15 Senaki airport 230 kms from Tbilisi and main airfield of Georgian aviation in Western Georgia bombed by Russian airplanes.

10:00 Georgian village of Eredvi near Tskhinvali under fire of Russian artillery.

12:05 Russian Aviation attacks Georgian positions in Kodori Gorge.

• Russian aviation bombs Georgian servicemen in Upper Abkhazia, Kodori Gorge. Kodori gorge is the only territory controlled by Government of Georgia in Abkhazia.

13:30 President of Georgia agrees to sign ceasefire agreement.
• President Saakashvili agrees to sign ceasefire agreement, prepared by the foreign ministers of France, Finland and Georgia.

14:30 Senaki base bombed by Russian aviation.

17:00 Russian troops occupy Zugdidi
• Russian peacekeepers armed with heavy weaponry enter Zugdidi and occupy administrative buildings.

17:30 Russian Aviation bombs village Kere of Gori District.

18:20 Separatists occupy villages, take hostages
• Ossetian separatists enter village Beloti near Eredvi. They take hostage remaining civilian population and lock them in a local church.

18:10 Russian troops attack and occupy village Shindisi of Gori district.

19:00 A camp for IDPs set up in Tbilisi.

19:30 Russian troops advance deeper into Georgian territory from west and enter Senaki 210 Km away from Tbilisi, outside of the conflict zone.

20:10 Russian army units move towards city Gori.

20:26 Russians prevent Georgian ships from entering Georgian port
• Ministry of Economic Development is being notified that cargo ships "Castor" and "Asha" are prevented from entering Poti Port by Russian military forces.

20:30 Russian Army occupies Gori and cuts main highway connecting Western and Eastern parts of the country.

12 August

02:05 Russia bombs Kaspi, city outside conflict zone
• Russian aviation bombs Kaspi, 30 km from Tbilisi. 3 bombs dropped near the German owned Heidelberg Cement factory, one of the two cement factories in the country.

07:00 Russian airplanes bomb village of Tkviavi near Tskhinvali .

10:15 Russians bomb Gori, civilians killed, including one journalist
• Russian jets bomb the city of Gori, including the territory around administration building, hospital, and university and city market. 5 civilians died including one child and a doctor of the hospital, 15 injured. Cameraman Stan Storimans of Dutch TV killed. Filios Ftangos, journalist from a Greek TV channel and his driver wounded.

12:25 TBC Oil pipeline 5 km from the city of Rustavi bombed by Russian jets. No damage to the pipeline.

12:30 Vaziani base close to Tbilisi bombed by Russian planes.

13:25 Three Russian airplanes drop bombs on the village of Orchosani near Gori.

14:00 An ambulance vehicle targeted by Russian military bombs in village Agara (Khashuri region).

14:50 Village Sakoritno in Kaspi region and village Ruisi in Kareli region bombed by Russian jets.

15.00. Russian soldiers destroy and rob Georgian Coast Guard
• Georgian Coast Guard command centre attacked by Russian troops three times. Equipment taken away or destroyed. The Georgian Coast Guard vessels damaged.

16:30 Russian troops destroy Gori TV broadcasting station, killing an employee
• Russian troops enter Gori TV broadcasting station. One employee killed and three injured, equipment of the TV station destroyed. The only Georgian, Russian-language TV station "Alanya" is out of air. The region can not receive Georgian Public Broadcasting channel as well.

17:30 Abkhazian troops mobilize heavy armored vehicles in demilitarized zone in village of Ganmukhuri and organize customs checkpoint.

18:00 The shareholders of Kulevi Terminal threatened by Russian troops possible bombing of the oil terminal.

18:00 Russian airplane drop 4 bombs in the village Tkotsa, Khashuri district. None of them exploded.

18:00 Russian soldiers attack Georgian navy, blasted Georgian ships harbored in Poti port.

18:30. Cases of ethnic cleansing in Georgian villages
• South Ossetian separatists enter villages Disevi and Karaleti, in Gori district and committ acts of ethnic cleansing, burning houses and attacking population. Russian soldiers witness and do not react.

19:10. Russian troops occupy Upper Abkhazia
• Russian troops move towards Khaishi, Svanetia north of Zugdidi, occupy the territory.

21:35 Cases of ethnic cleansing in Georgian villages of Gori district
• Ossetian separatists brutally massacring Georgian population.
• Georgian population of villages Kordi and Mereti, Gori district brutally assaulted and abused by Ossetian separatists. In Tkviavi, Gori district, Ossetian separatists are assaulting local Georgian residents.

21:50 Robbery of the Senaki military base.
• Senaki military base ravaged by Russian troops. Equipment and arms taken or destroyed by Russians.

22: 52 Three foreign Journalists in Karaleti, Gori district robbed, car taken.

23:12 Villages of Berbuki, Rakha, Sveneti, Kheltubani, Karaleti in Gori district ravaged by Russian Army. Journalist of Tel-Aviv Newspaper was wounded.

13 August

01.05 Civilians taken hostages in Georgian villages
• Georgian residents of villages Nikozi, Dzveri, Tkviavi, Karaleti (north of Gori) taken hostages by Ossetian separatists. Population of village Berbuki, Gori District gathered on the road, asking to be evacuated.

06:50 bombing of Saqasheti in Gori district
• Two bombs dropped by Russian aviation in village Saqasheti, Gori district. One did not explode.

08:00 Abuse of civilians in Karaleti
• The village of Karaleti, Gori district attacked by Ossetian separatists. Numerous cases of physical assault and abuse of the local residents reported.

09:12 Murder of civilians
• Four civilian cars with shot passengers found in the village of Tedotsminda, Gori district.

09:20 Russian armored troops (50 units) head towards Gori from Tskhinvali.

10:20 Russian troops re-occupy Gori.

12:00 Russian soldiers destroy the military base of artillery brigade near Gori.

12:35 Cases of kidnapping in Tkviavi
• 25 civilians kidnapped by Ossetian separatists from the village of Tkviavi. The bus, by which the kidnapped civilians have been transported to Tskhinvali, crashed. 4 hostages managed to escape.

13:00 Russian soldiers enter village Atotsi, Kareli district.
• Village of Atotsi, Kareli district, is being ravaged by invaders

13:05 Russian soldiers enter village Pakhulani, Tsalenjikha district.

14:00 In Poti port Russian troops blew up three Georgia Coast Guard vessels.

14:45. Young woman, traveling by mini bus kidnapped.
• Paata Sabelashvili, photographer, reports from highway nearby Gori that Georgian civilians traveling in a mini-bus are robbed by the Ossetian separatists, one of the passengers, 25-year old women kidnapped by the attackers.

15:00 Cases of looting in Gori
Gigi Mtvarelidze, member of Georgian CEC, was robbed by the Russian-speaking paramilitaries nearby Gori. His car taken.

15:15 Georgian civilians leave their homes.
• Georgian population of the Bobnevi, Marana, Dzevera, Khidistavi, Tchalaubani villages escape to the forest from the Ossetian separatists.

15:20 Looting continues in Gori district. The residents are being robbed.

16:10 Russian troops move from the city of Gori towards Tbilisi.

17:00 Russian troops turn to the east – located town Uplistsikhe.

17:15 Atrocities in numerous Georgian villages
• Villages Avnevi, Tseronisi and Knolevi in Kareli district, Khandaki, Doesi and Karaghadi in Kaspi district, Tkviavi in Gori district are ravaged. Witnesses report that a number of residents in the town of Gori are taken hostage.

17: 50 The residents of Gori escape.
• Russian troops and Ossetian separatists are launching brutal attacks on the town of Gori. In large numbers, they are heading towards Tbilisi.

18:00 lootings continues. While passing the troubled areas, the drivers of Turkish Travel Company were robbed by Russian soldiers.

20:12 Georgian population flees Kareli. The population of Breti and Aradeti villages in Kareli district leaves their homes. The deserted and abandoned villages are looted and robbed.

14 August

11:00 Russian troops destroy Georgian military installations in Senaki.

12:00 Additional Russian troops in Zugdidi.

12:00 Russian troops reenter Poti port.
• Russian military occupy the building of Coast Guard and destroy their vessels.

12:05 Canadian journalists robbed in the presence of Russian soldiers.
• Near Gori, 3 journalists of Canadian TV channel CBC, including head of the Moscow office, robbed of their car, equipment and passports. The accident happened in the presence of Russian soldiers, who did not react.

14:00 Russian troops reenter Gori taking the city over again.

14:40 Russian troops move around Gori. Russian troops enter village Mejvriskhevi, Gori district and villages Ruisi and Tsveri, Kareli district.

15:30 Looting in Gori district. Russian troops are looting village Debisi of Gori district.

15:40 Georgian policemen robbed in Kareli district.
• Russian soldiers robbed Georgian policemen of their car nearby village Tokhlaura, Kareli district.

16:00 Israeli journalists robbed in Gori.
• Four Israeli journalists, including Haaretz correspondent Anshel Pfeffer and photographer Nir Kafri, were robbed at gunpointed by Russian soldiers in the city Gori.

16:30 Looting reported in Russian controlled Georgian villages.
• The villages Brotsleti, Mejvriskhevi, Gorijvari of Gori district, and Breti of Kareli district ravaged by South Ossetian separatists.

17:00 A Journalist fired near Gori. A Georgian journalist of GPB TV Company Tamar Urushadze was wounded by direct shot in a hand presumably by sniper during the live broadcast near Gori.

17:30 50 Estonian volunteers arrived in Tbilisi to take part in humanitarian aid.

18:10. Russian General Viacheslav Borisov stated he refuses to assume any responsibility for the lives of the journalists in Gori.

18:30 Looting continues in Russian controlled Georgian villages. Atrocities and acts of looting were reported from villages Agara and Dzevera, Kareli district.

19:10 Russian army strengthens their checkpoints in Zugdidi.
• Russian army deployed additional troops to Zugdidi and began strengthening the checkpoints and positions in and around the town

19:35 German television ZDF journalist witnesses the robbery of Danish journalists.
• South Ossetian separatists robbed Danish journalists of their car and cameras, according to a German journalist.

22:10 Russian troops moving east deep of Georgia.
• About 100 armored vehicles and trucks of Russian army began movement from Zugdidi pass Senaki and continue movement east deep in the country.

23:50 Looting in Russian occupied villages.
• Lootings and abuses of local civilians reported from Russian occupied villages of Ruisi Gori district and Mokhisi Khashuri district.

15 August

Russian Navy continues controlling Georgian Territorial Waters.

07.00. Human Rights Watch reports the use of cluster bombs.
• HRW researchers have uncovered the evidence that Russian aircraft dropped cluster bombs (banned by 107 nations) in populated areas in Georgia during the air attacks from 6th of August, killing at least 11 civilians and injuring dozens.

08:00 Russian troops moving towards second largest city of Georgia, Kutaisi.
• 14 armored vehicles and 4 tracks of Russian military forces left Senaki and moved towards Kutaisi. Currently they are at Abashis Tskali river, 40 kms west from Kutaisi and 10 kms west from Samtredia - the main railway and highway crossroad in western Georgia.

09:20 Russian troops moving towards Gori.
• 71st regiment of 42nd division of 58th Army of Russia moved from Tskhinvali to the village of Ergneti heading towards Gori.

09:30 Russian troops continue moving western.
• 21 Military Tracks full of Russian military began movement from Senaki towards Poti port.

10:30 A journalist robbed in Gori district.
• South Ossetian separatists shot at a vehicle of a freelance journalist Margarita Akhvlediani near village Sagolasheni. The car, camera and other belongings were taken away.

13:00 Russian soldiers detain three journalists in Poti.
• Lasha Berulava, reporter of the radio "Imedi" and Murad Fartcvania, cameraman of the TV company "Odishi" were detained by Russian soldiers in Poti.

15:30 Forests in fire.
• Russian helicopters are overflying Bordjomi-Tsemi forests dropping fire setting engines. There are already from 12 to 15 fire locations. Russian military confirmed flying helicopters over this territory without further comments.

16:10 Cases of kidnapping by Russian soldiers. Russian soldiers kidnapped 4 member of Namgalauri family from village Ghogheti of Kareli district and moved towards Znauri.

17:00 Russian troops began withdrawal from Poti.
• They took with them 8 "Black Shark" boats, 7 A type boats, 2 Coastal Guard vessels and equipment from the buildings of the Coastal Guard in Poti.

18:30 Russian troops moved towards Tbilisi.
• 9 armored vehicles of Russian Army accompanied by 3 Mi-24 helicopters moved towards Tbilisi. They stopped and opened check point near village Igoeti 20 kms from Tbilisi, Kaspi district.

21:00 Russian troops entered Khashuri.
• Russian troops entered Khashuri about 100kms west from Tbilisi and opened checkpoint. About 10 Tanks are in the city. Eyewitnesses report that they terrorize civilians pointing guns to them or tank guns to their cars and houses.

23:30 Russian troops in Khashuri.
• On the east-west highway the Russian troops continued to move west from Khashuri and Surami. As reported by locals, they intruded the houses of the civilians taking food. At this moment, the Russian troops are controlling the Igoeti - Khashuri east-west highway. In both places they have established checkpoints.

16 August

00:30 Abuse of local population.
• The cases of looting and abuse of local civilians committed by separatists in Russian occupied villages of Abisi, Koda, Ptsa – Kareli district have been reported.

08:47 – Russian Army in Karaleti, Gori district.
• The battalion has stopped in the village Karaleti. The group is composed of lots of armored personnel carriers, tanks, army trucks and engineer unit. The staff meeting is taking place. The general joined later arriving by helicopter.

10:15 Russians return to Poti, Black Sea port.
• The Russians, who left the port of Poti yesterday, have returned with four armored personnel carrier, one crane, 10 army trucks (8 Ural, 2 Kamaz) and one army vehicle.

10:15 Tanks in move.
• Ten tanks from Igoeti headed towards Khashuri and seven to Znauri.

10:30 Bombing of Khandaki, Kaspi district.
• Russian aviation has dropped fire setting engines near the village of Khandaki, Kaspi district. The forest near the village is burning.

10:30 Bombing of Okami, Kaspi district.
• Russian aviation has dropped unidentified devices to the vine factory in village Okami, Kaspi district.

10:45 Russian tanks close to Tbilisi.
• Three Russian tanks are stationed in Kaspi and two in Igoeti, halfway between Gori and Tbilisi.

12:30 Main connection of railway in Eastern Georgia was blown.
• Grakali Railroad Bridge in Kaspi district has been blown up by Russian troops.

13:00 Russian troops moving to Western Georgia.
• Two Russian trucks with soldiers have moved through the Rikoti tunnel to the village Khevi, Kharagauli district.

13:20 Russian troops in moving to Gori.
• Russian troops have started moving from Igoeti, Kaspi district towards Gori.

14:30 Russian troops moving to Western Georgia.
• Eight units of Russian armored troops have started movement from Khashuri district towards the town of Sachkhere.

14:40 Forests in fire.
• The Karspi district forestes are in fire after Russian aviation dropped fire setting engines in the area.

16:00 Russian military terminates Turkish and Ukrainian help to down fire in forests.
• Russians denied to provide permission to the Turkish and Ukrainian planes to enter Georgian airspace in order to take part in putting down the fires in the Borjomi district forests. The fires started as a result of dropping of fire setting engines in the area by Russian aviation.

18:20 Russian troops have entered the town of Akhalgori.

18:30 Forests in fire.
• Russian aviation has dropped fire setting engines in the forests around Surami, Khashuri district.

19:30 Russian soldiers put into fire houses in village Gamdlistskaro, Kaspi district.

20:00 Russian passports are distributed in Akhalgori.
• Russian troops have started proposing Russian passports to the local population free of change in Akhalgori district.

21:15 Additional troops in Akhalgori.

Russian army deployed additional 60 cars have at the entrance of town Akhalgori 40 km north-west of Tbilisi.



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