Андрей Илларионов (aillarionov) wrote,
Андрей Илларионов

"Восьмерки" больше нет

11 августа:
G7 ministers urge Russia to accept Georgian truce

"...foreign ministers from the United States, Japan, Italy, France, Germany, Britain and Canada -- the so-called Group of Seven (G7) nations -- held a conference call on Monday to discuss the crisis in Georgia and the breakaway region of South Ossetia.

...the ministers also reaffirmed their support for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia and urged Russia to respect this.

Usually the G7 group is expanded to include Russia, but this time, Russia, the subject of the discussion, was left out. Wood would not say whether the G7 ministers discussed expelling Russia from the expanded group..."

20 августа:
G7 countries pledge support for Georgia 

"We, the G-7, stand ready to support Georgia in order to promote the continued health of the Georgian economy, maintain confidence in Georgia's financial system and support economic reconstruction," the officials said."

25 августа:
G7 alarmed Russia may recognize rebels in Georgia

"...senior officials of the seven nations agreed they are "united in support of Georgia's territorial integrity," the spokesman said, adding that they are "alarmed by reports of Russia's plans to recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia," the two breakaway regions of Georgia."



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