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Еще одна загадка

Это первый случай крушения самолета с таким устройством, внедренным в конце 1990-х годов. TAWS содержит оцифрованные карты и предостерегает громкой сиреной об опасном приближении самолета к вершинам гор, радиовышкам или другим препятствиям. "С каким бы давлением ни сталкивались другие пилоты, с какими бы погодными условиями они ни сталкивались, ни один пилот еще не игнорировал предостережение TAWS. Чем так отличался этот самолет?" - задается вопросом эксперт по авиабезопасности Джон Кокс.

The Polish jet... was equipped with a safety device that warns pilots when they get too close to the ground, the device's manufacturer said Tuesday. The existence of the device deepens the mystery of why the jet struck woods and exploded as pilots attempted to land Saturday at a Russian military airport, aviation safety experts said. If the safety device was working properly, it would be the first such crash of an aircraft equipped with the system since its introduction in the late 1990s.
TAWS devices contain computerized maps of the world and issue warnings whenever aircraft come too close to mountain tops, radio towers or any other obstruction. Accidents in which a functioning airplane flew into the ground had been the leading cause of deaths around the world. The devices, required on commercial aircraft since 2005, have virtually wiped out such crashes. If a jet gets too low, the TAWS issues a whooping siren and a recorded voice demands pilots "pull up."
The fact that the jet had a TAWS device "opens more questions than it answers," said John Cox, a safety consultant and former accident investigator. "I really would like to know what was going on in that flight deck because no matter what kind of pressure other pilots have been under or what kind of weather they encountered, no pilot has ignored a TAWS warning. What is so different about this plane that it would break that chain?" Cox said.

A terrain awareness and warning system (TAWS) aims to prevent controlled flight into terrain… Statistics show that no aircraft fitted with a properly enabled second-generation EGPWS has ever suffered a CFIT accident.
Older TAWS systems, or deactivation of the EGPWS system, still leave aircraft vulnerable to possible CFIT incidents. In April 2010, a Polish Air Force Tupolev Tu-154M aircraft crashed near Smolensk, Russia, in a possible CFIT accident killing all passengers and crew. The aircraft was equipped with an older TAWS made by Universal Avionics Systems of Tucson.


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