Андрей Илларионов (aillarionov) wrote,
Андрей Илларионов

Памяти жертв Великого Голода (Голодомора) в бывшем СССР

Резолюция ПАСЕ № 1723 (2010) от 28 апреля 2010 г.

4.       Millions of innocent people in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine, which were parts of the Soviet Union, lost their lives as a result of mass starvation caused by cruel and deliberate actions and policies of the Soviet regime.

5.       In Ukraine, which suffered the most, the peasantry was particularly hit by the Great Famine and millions of individual farmers and members of their families died of hunger following forced “collectivisation”, a ban on departures from the affected areas and confiscation of grain and other food. These tragic events are referred to as Holodomor (politically-motivated famine) and are recognised by Ukrainian law as an act of genocide against Ukrainians.

6.       In Kazakhstan, too, millions fell victim to the mass famine, and the ratio of the dead to the whole population is believed to be the highest among all peoples of the former USSR. Traditionally nomads, the cattle-growing Kazakhs were forced to settle down and were deprived of livestock. The Great Famine is remembered as the greatest tragedy of the Kazakh people.

7.       In the grain-producing areas of Russia (the Middle and Lower Volga, the North Caucasus, the central Black-Soil region, the Southern Urals, Western Siberia and some other regions), the famine caused by “collectivisation” and dispossession of the individual farmers took millions of lives in rural and urban areas. In absolute figures, it is estimated that the population of Russia paid the heaviest death toll as a result of the Soviet agricultural policies.

8.       Hundreds of thousands of farmers also died in Belarus and the Republic of Moldova.

9.       While these events may have had particularities in various regions, the results were the same: millions of human lives were mercilessly sacrificed to the fulfilment of the policies and plans of the Stalinist regime.

10.       The Assembly honours the memory of all those who perished in this unprecedented human disaster, and recognises them as victims of a cruel crime of the Soviet regime against its own people.

11.       It strongly condemns the cruel policies pursued by the Stalinist regime, which resulted in the death of millions of innocent people, as a crime against humanity. It resolutely rejects any attempts to justify these deadly policies, by whatever purposes, and recalls that the right to life is non-derogable.

14.       It further calls on other Council of Europe member states to make their national archives open and accessible.

15.       The Assembly calls on historians of all countries of the former Soviet Union, which suffered during the Great Famine, as well as historians from other countries, to conduct joint independent research programmes in order to establish the full, un-biased and un-politicised truth about this human tragedy, and to make it public.

17.       It welcomes the decision by the Ukrainian authorities to establish a national day of commemoration of the victims of the Great Famine (Holodomor) in Ukraine, and encourages the authorities of other countries which also suffered to do the same with regard to their own victims.

...заседание политического комитета ассамблеи... российские парламентарии покидали с широкими улыбками. 
— Не пройдет ни одной не устраивающей нас поправки,— поделился радостью с "Ъ" сенатор Александр Починок.— От всех отбились.
Ему вторил Константин Косачев:
— Политический комитет отверг поправки, внесенные комитетом юридическим. Поставлена жирная точка.

Среди вычеркнутых поправок, пояснил "Ъ" Александр Починок, оказался пункт, предлагающий признать голод на Украине "актом геноцида украинцев", и более мягкая поправка: "эти трагические события могли бы быть признаны как акт геноцида украинцев". Наряду с ними неприемлемой была также объявлена формулировка, согласно которой наряду с Украиной от голода тех лет пострадали и территории Северного Кавказа — "населенные преимущественно украинцами". Наконец, под напором российской делегации политическим комитетом была зарублена поправка о том, что голод был вызван принудительной коллективизацией — "что заранее планировалось Лениным". 


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