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Ветераны КПК требуют свободы слова

Via blyag и jlazarovici :

Communist party elders are defying China's censors by pressing ahead with a bold demand for freedom of expression, after authorities erased their attack on the "invisible black hand" of central propaganda officials.
Twenty-three former senior officials known for their reformist views, including Mao Zedong's secretary Li Rui and a former editor of the People's Daily, Hu Jiwei, signed the open letter».

Выдержки из Открытого письмо китайских журналистов, ученых, издателей
«Китай должен отменить цензуру»

«...We have for 61 years "served as master" in the name of the citizens of the People's Republic of China. But the freedom of speech and of the press we now enjoy is inferior even to that of Hong Kong before its return to Chinese sovereignty, to that entrusted to the residents of a colony...

When our country was founded in 1949, our people cried that they had been liberated, that they were not their own masters. Mao Zedong said that "from this moment, the people of China have stood". But even today, 61 years after the founding of our nation, after 30 years of opening and reform, we have not yet attained freedom of speech and freedom of the press to the degree enjoyed by the people of Hong Kong under colonial rule...

The "master" status of the people of China's mainland is so inferior. For our nation to advertise itself as having "socialist democracy" with Chinese characteristics is such an embarrassment.

Not only the average citizen, but even the most senior leaders of the Communist party have no freedom of speech or press.

This is the work of invisible hands. For their own reasons, they violate our constitution, often ordering by telephone that the works of such and such a person cannot be published, or that such and such an event cannot be reported in the media. The officials who make the call do not leave their names, and the secrecy of the agents is protected, but you must heed their phone instructions. These invisible hands are our central propaganda department. Right now the department is placed above the central committee of the Communist party, and above the state council. We would ask, what right does the central propaganda department have to muzzle the speech of the premier? What right does it have to rob the people of our nation of their right to know what the premier has said?

Our core demand is that the system of censorship be dismantled in favour of a system of legal responsibility.

There are countless numbers of commandments and taboos restricting freedom of speech and freedom of the press. The creation of a press law and the abolishment of the censorship system has already become an urgent task before us. We recommend that the National People's Congress work immediately toward the creation of a press law, and that the ordinance on publishing control and local restrictions on news and publishing be annulled. Institutionally speaking, the realisation of freedom of speech and freedom of the press as guaranteed in the constitution means making media independent of the party and government organs that presently control them, thereby transforming "party mouthpieces" into "public instruments."...

England did away with censorship in 1695. France abolished its censorship system in 1881, and the publication of newspapers and periodicals thereafter required only a simple declaration, which was signed by the representatives of the publication and mailed to the office of the procurator of the republic. Our present system of censorship leaves news and book publishing in our country 315 years behind England and 129 years behind France.

Our specific demands are as follows:

1.  Abolish sponsoring institutions of [Chinese] media, allowing publishing institutions to operate independently...
2. Respect journalists and make them strong...
3. Abolish restrictions on extra-territorial supervision by public opinion by the media, ensuring the right of journalists to carry out reporting freely throughout the country...
4. Internet regulatory bodies must not arbitrarily delete online posts and online comments. Online spies must be abolished, the "fifty-cent party" must be abolished, and restrictions on anti-censorship technologies must be abolished...
5. There are no more taboos concerning our party's history. Chinese citizens have a right to know the errors of the ruling party...
6. The privatisation of newspapers and periodicals is the natural direction of political reforms...
7. Permit the free circulation within the mainland of books and periodicals from Hong Kong and Macao...
8. Transform the functions of various propaganda organs, so that they are transformed from agencies setting down so many "taboos" to agencies protecting the accuracy, timeliness and unimpeded flow of information»...


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