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Перевод перехваченных переговоров 7 и 8 августа

Газета "Нью-Йорк Таймс" опубликовала перевод перехваченных переговоров 7 и 8 августа.
Упоминаемый в разговоре полковник Казаченко - командир 135 мотострелкового полка 19 мотострелковой дивизии 58-й армии.

Following are transcripts of intercepted communications translated from the original
language, Ossetian.

Conversation between the duty officer at the Roki Tunnel and a border guard at
headquarters in Tskhinvali, intercepted Aug. 7 2008, 03:41.09.
BORDER GUARD: I'm listening.
DUTY OFFICER: Topol, the commander, a colonel, approached and said, "The guys
with you should check the vehicles." Is that O.K.?
BG: With you?
DO.: Yes.
BG: I don't know. I'll ask. And who is the colonel?
DO: I don't know. Their superior, the one in charge there. The BMPs [armored personnel
carriers] and other vehicles were sent here and they've crowded there. The guys are also
standing around. And he said that we should inspect the vehicles. I don't know. And he
went out.
BG: I'll check on this. Give me a call a little later.
DO: O.K., fine.

Conversation between the border guard at headquarters in Tskhinvali, and the duty
officer at the Roki Tunnel, intercepted Aug. 7, 2008, 03:52.13.
DUTY OFFICER: I'm listening?
DO: What?
BG: Did you just call?
DO: Yes.
BG: What is your surname?
DO: Gassiev
BG: Gassiev.
DO: Yes?
BG: Listen, has the armor arrived or what?
DO: The armor and people.
BG: They've gone through?
DO: Yes, 20 minutes ago; when I called you, they had already arrived.
BG: Was there a lot of armor?
DO: Yes. Tanks, BMPs and BDR(m)s. Everything.
BG: And that guy who came up to you, who was that?
DO: When? [INAUDIBLE] The surname is Kazachenko. He's a colonel.
BG: What?
DO: Kazachenko is his surname. He's a colonel.
BG: Good, good. O.K. Call the 103rd; he's saying something different. I mean the 102nd.
You are saying one thing, and he is telling us something else. Call the 102nd and tell him.
DO: He just called me, and I told him everything.
BG: Well, call him anyway, and after that have him call me.
DO: O.K., understood.
BG: Bye.

Весь текст:
via ledokolov http://aillarionov.livejournal.com/24801.html

Русский перевод статьи в "Нью Йорк Таймс": http://inopressa.ru/print/nytimes/2008/09/16/11:12:40/georgia

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