Андрей Илларионов (aillarionov) wrote,
Андрей Илларионов

Канада выходит из Киото

Пока мы тут заняты разбором приписок, передергиваний и фальсификаций отечественных жуликов и мошенников, зарубежные получили заметный удар от канадского правительства. Канадский министр по делам окружающей среды Питер Кент заявил, что Канада выходит из Киотского протокола.
Canada will announce next month that it will formally withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol, CTV News has learned. The Harper government has tentatively planned an announcement for a few days before Christmas, CTV's Roger Smith reported Sunday evening. The developments come as Environment Minister Peter Kent prepares for a climate conference in Durban, South Africa that opens on Monday, with delegates from 190 countries seeking a new international agreement for cutting emissions.
Issues on the agenda include extending the Kyoto emission targets, a move being championed by Christiana Figueres, head of the UN climate secretariat. Kent said in the House of Commons on Nov. 22 he won't sign a document at the Durban conference that extends the Kyoto targets. "Canada goes to Durban with a number of countries sharing the same objective, and that is to put Kyoto behind us," Kent said
Tags: Киото, зеленый тоталитаризм

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