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Очередная колонна российской бронетехники вошла в Украину

Корреспонденты британских изданий The Guardian и The Telegraph Шон Уолкер и Роланд Олифант сообщили о том, что колонна российской бронетехники пересекла российско-украинскую границу в районе пропускного пункта «Изварино» (Луганская область).
В сообщении Олифанта из The Telegraph отмечается, что это первый случай движения российской бронетехники через украинскую границу, который был зафиксирован западными журналистами.
Оба корреспондента говорят о том, что границу пересекли 23 российских БТР, вместе с машинами сопровождения и топливными цистернами. Отмечается, что российская бронетехника пересекла границу с Украиной, пройдя через брешь в проволочном заграждении.

But, while the trucks came to a halt well short of Ukraine's border, a different Russian convoy did make the crossing into Ukrainian territory late on Thursday evening.
The Guardian saw a column of 23 armoured personnel carriers, supported by fuel trucks and other logistics vehicles with official Russian military plates, travelling towards the border near the Russian town of Donetsk – about 200km away from Donetsk, Ukraine.
After pausing by the side of the road until nightfall, the convoy crossed into Ukrainian territory, using a rough dirt track and clearly crossing through a gap in a barbed wire fence that demarcates the border. Armed men were visible in the gloom by the border fence as the column moved into Ukraine. Kiev has lost control of its side of the border in this area...
The armoured column seen by the Guardian appeared to be further evidence of Russia's incursions, which the Kremlin has repeatedly denied.

A column of armoured vehicles and military trucks crossed the border from Russia into Ukraine on Thursday night, in the first confirmed sighting of such an incident by Western journalists...
The Telegraph witnessed a column of vehicles including both armoured personal carriers and soft-skinned lorries crossing into Ukraine at an obscure border crossing near the Russian town of Donetsk shortly before 10pm local time.
The Ukrainian and Western governments have long accused Russia of filtering arms and men across the border to fuel the separatist insurgency in Ukraine's Donetsk and Luhansk regions, but such an incident has never before been witnessed by Western journalists.
The convoy, which included at least 23 vehicles, appeared to be waiting until sunset near a refugee camp just outside Donetsk, before moving towards the crossing without turning off headlights or making any other attempt to conceal itself.
While it was not immediately clear whether all of that convoy crossed the border, The Telegraph did see a substantial number of vehicles pass through check point manned by gunmen after shadowing the convoy down narrow country lanes near the frontier.
While the force did not seem to be a substantial invasion force, it confirms that military supplies are moving across the border. While the APCs carried no visible markings the fuel tankers and soft-skinned trucks in the convoy bore black Russian military number plates.
The vehicles do not appear to be associated with the Russian aid convoy that is camped 20 miles further down the same road.

Каждую ночь через границу проходит техника и боевики безо всякого пиара и громких названий. Только за сегодняшнюю ночь, как мне сообщили мои источники, через Снежное прошло 70 единиц бронетехники,
отметил Геращенко.

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