Андрей Илларионов (aillarionov) wrote,
Андрей Илларионов

Комментарии на конференции 2BS 5 июня

28-33 м., 53-60 м., 1ч.12 м.–1ч.1.

The crisis in Ukraine has been described as the greatest threat to European security since 1945? This is possibly true, if we exclude the Cold War threat and crisis such as the Cuban missile crisis. So, how do the EU and US respond?

Moderator: Mrs. Jelena MILIĆ, Director, Center For Euro-Atlantic Studies, Serbia

H.E. Dr. Tamar BERUCHASHVILI, Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Georgia
H.E. Amb. Adam KOBIERACKI, Director of the Conflict Prevention Centre, OSCE
Mr. Radu PODGOREAN, State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Romania
Prof. Dr. Viktor KREMENYUK, Deputy Director, Institute of USA and Canada Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Dr. Andrey ILLARIONOV, Senior fellow at the Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, Cato Institute
Dr. Sharyl CROSS, Director, Kozmetsky Center, St. Edward's University & Global Policy Scholar, Wilson Center, USA


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