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Чтобы не забыть: Обама отдает честь кастровскому палачу

Барак Обама сфотографировался с барельефом латиноамериканского революционера Че Гевары, нарушив протокол. Перед началом официальных переговоров американский лидер попросил фотографов своего пула сделать его снимок на фоне знаменитого барельефа в Гаване, сообщает агентство AP.
Также известно, что президент США сфотографировался и с изображением другого революционера – Камило Сьенфуэгоса. Он вместе с Эрнесто Че Геварой, Фиделем и Раулем Кастро считается ключевой фигурой Кубинской революции.

Che Guevara: Castro’s Executioner


People with a romanticized view of Che Guevara generally don’t know how much blood he had on his hands. In a letter to his father, Che wrote, “I really like killing.” Elsewhere, he proclaimed, “A revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate.” A cold killing machine is exactly what he became, in service to Fidel Castro’s communist revolution. The video clip below chronicles the executions Che performed by his own hand while fighting in the jungle before the communists took power. The documentary from which the clip is taken goes on to describe the executions Che oversaw for Castro while warden of the regime’s notorious La Cabaña prison.  The documentary – Che: The Other Side of an Icon(produced by Agustin Blazquez) – is available at CubaCollectibles.com.

More on Che’s bloodlust here – “remember the real Che and the blood on his hands if you’re ever tempted to wear a t-shirt in his honor. The only thing you will really be displaying is your ignorance.”

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