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Рекордное число гражданских жертв бомбардировок Алеппо, Мосула, других районов Сирии и Ирака

Результаты бомбардировок российской авиацией района Балто в Сирии 16 ноября 2016 г.

В ноябре в результате российских бомбардировок Алеппо было убито 1005 гражданских лиц, самое большое число погибших за месяц с начала российской интервенции в Сирии.
В ходе боевых действий Коалиции (США, Великобритания, Франция, Бельгия, Дания, Австралия) в ноябре погибло от 348 до 405 гражданских лиц, что на 62% больше, чем в октябре.

Russian military actions and civilian casualties
...as the Assad regime began its final push to oust rebels from Aleppo, regime and Russian airstrikes maintained a ferocious momentum, leaving more than 1,000 non-combatants reported killed – the highest number of casualties attributed to Russia in any one month since it intervened in Syria...
During the month, Airwars tracked the highest number of claimed civilian fatalities from Russian airstrikes to date, with 215 separate events allegedly involving Russian aircraft. Airwars raw estimates indicate that up to 1,005 civilians died in these incidents, though due to the volume of alleged Russian incidents, it will be some time before Aiwars can present a full analysis of the month.

Coalition civilian casualties
The escalation of the battle for Mosul – and the beginning of the Raqqa offensive – had a significant toll on civilians during November, which we saw the greatest number of alleged civilian casualty events from Coalition airstrikes yet reported in the 28-month war.
In Iraq and Syria there were 73 alleged casualty incidents during November – an increase of 62% over October. A total of 348 to 405 non-combatant deaths were claimed in these incidents.
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