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Сравнимы ли убийства А.Карлова и Э. фом Рата? Дебаты Г.Кунтцмана и М.Захаровой

Похороны фом Рата в 1938 г.

А.Карлов – дипломат или солдат армии Путина?
М.Алтынташ – солдат или террорист?
Убийство Карлова – это акт террора или акт войны?
Убийство 1005 гражданских лиц в результате российских бомбежек Алеппо в ноябре – это акт войны или акт террора?

Gersh Kuntzman. Assassination of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov was not terrorism, but retribution for Vladimir Putin’s war crimes
So I, for one, am shedding no tears for Andrei Karlov. Frankly, I’m surprised his murder didn’t come months ago. After all, this was the lede sentences of a Washington Post story from Oct. 9: "There seems to be no way for the international community to stop the ongoing war crimes being committed by the Syrian regime and its Russian allies, especially in Aleppo," the newspaper reported. "But by brazenly flouting international law, leaders and rank-and-file officials in both countries are opening themselves up to future justice in multiple ways."
Justice has been served.
After watching the death of Karlov, I could not help but remember the case of Ernst vom Rath, a Nazi diplomat in France, who was gunned down inside his consulate by a Jewish student in 1938.
Like Karlov, Rath was the public face of atrocity — in this case, Adolf Hitler's genocide, anti-Semitism and coming global aggression.
That era’s politicians fiddled while Hitler burned down Europe, so it took a nobody named Herschel Grynszpan to stand up for freedom and make a powerful statement that evil must be fought whether in a conference room or on a battlefield.
Was Rath an innocent victim? Certainly not. He had not only defended Hitler's oppression of the Jews as "necessary" for Germany to flourish, but he stood idly by as Hitler devoured Europe and murdered its innocents. Rath could have stood up to the Nazi leadership when it would have mattered most, but he did not.
Which brings us back to Andrei Karlov.
Dead Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov was a soldier in Vladimir Putin’s army — and died like one, our columnist asserts.
Karlov's job in Turkey was to ease tensions over Russia's atrocities in Syria and its incursions inside Turkey itself — meaning his job was to enable and normalize Vladimir Putin. Given that role, he wasn’t a diplomat, but a soldier, and his death is the same whether it came on a battlefield outside Aleppo or in an art gallery in Ankara. His killer was also a soldier — not a terrorist, mind you, but a soldier. Terrorists kill innocent people with trucks in Christmas markets or with planes in skyscrapers. Soldiers kill their fellow soldiers.
Will history vindicate Mevlut Mert Altintas, Karlov’s assassin? That's for history to judge. But it has vindicated Grynszpan — and, indeed, vindicated others who have fought against aggression and fought for freedom.

Мария Захарова. Финиш Кунтцмана
Американский журналист и писатель Герш Кунтцман на страницах New York Daily News написал, что не "льет слезы" по российскому послу. Убийство Андрея Карлова "цивилизованный журналист" называет "свершившимся правосудием". Он также написал, что события в Анкаре напомнили ему убийство немецкого дипломата Эрнста фом Рата в Париже в 1938 году: застреленный еврейским студентом дипломат, конечно же, "не был невинной жертвой", в глазах многих он был воплощением "гитлеровской жестокости, геноцида, антисемитизма и надвигающейся мировой агрессии".
Что касается сравнения Андрея Карлова с послом Третьего рейха , скажу одно: сегодня же мы направляем главному редактору издания , опубликовавшего эту ксенофобскую и содержащую оправдание действий террориста статью, письмо с требованием извинений.
Но у меня есть вопросы и к биологическому объекту её написавшему.
Герш Кунтцман, Вы серьёзно сравниваете мотивацию еврейского студента Гершеля Гриншпана с идеями, двигавшими Мевлютом Алтынташем?!! Вы хоть поняли, что приравняли борьбу евреев с антисемитизмом конца 30-х годов с террористическими методами Исламского государства и Нусры, которые взяли на себя ответственность за этот теракт? Для Вас это одно и то же? А к терактам в Израиле, которые совершают смертники, Вы относитесь с таким же пониманием или с ещё большим?
Вы в своём уме, Герш Кунтцман? Я понимаю, что в Штатах , в том числе не без Ваших усилий, допереписывались историю 20 века до полнейшего абсурда , когда люди вообще перестали ориентироваться во времени и пространстве. Но не настолько же?!
И ещё. Призываю антифашисткие организации во всем мире дать оценку этой публикации! Потом может быть поздно!

Gersh Kuntzman. Russia demands apology — from me! — for article about assassination of Ambassador Andrei Karlov
So now Vladimir Putin is demanding an apology from me. Who knew that a strongman supporting mass atrocities in Syria could be so sensitive?
Putin has, of course, thrown his military might behind the campaign to crush Syrian rebels. Russian aircraft have savagely bombed the city of Aleppo, killing untold innocents, including children.
"The responsibility for this brutality lies in one place,” President Obama said on Monday, assigning the blame clearly to Russia and co-conspirator Iran.
“This blood and these atrocities are on their hands,” our president added.
Clearly, the gunman who assassinated Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov thought the same, which is why I wrote on Tuesday that Karlov was "the human embodiment of policies that deployed bunker busters to kill babies, sent fighter planes on scorched earth bombing runs that destroyed a whole city, aided Syrian madman Bashar al-Assad in his campaign that has killed hundreds of thousands, and even ordered attacks on UN aid workers."
"Justice has been served," I added, linking Karlov's killing to the 1938 assassination of a Nazi diplomat in France by a Jewish student.
Apologize, Russia? Only if you go first and apologize for Putin's thuggery.
And you’ve got a long list of things for which to atone: Putin has intervened in our election, killed civilians in Syria, stolen Crimea, shelled Ukraine, threatened other neighbors, has been arming Hezbollah, supplied the missile system that shot down Malaysia Airlines' flight 17 in 2014 and then hacked into the computers of the Dutch agency investigating the crime.
Assassin who killed ambassador tied to ‘terrorist organization'
And that's just recently. Vladimir Putin is also the dictator who has killed, imprisoned, tortured and jailed opponents; ordered hits on journalists; committed war crimes against Chechnya; allegedly killed peacekeepers in Georgia in 2008, apparently ordered the poisoning of former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko in 2006 and might even have shot down the plane carrying Polish President Lech Kaczynski in 2010.
So that's why no one should be surprised that victims of Putin's assault on international norms would target people like Karlov, one of Putin's henchmen.
Make no mistake: I condemn violence in all forms. My article only sought to explain the assassination and put it in the current context. The world is consumed by war. Terrorists attack, saying they are avenging Western aggression, and the West counter-attacks, creating more terrorists and perpetuating the cycle. My nation — like Russia and Israel and Germany and, frankly, many other nations — plays a role in that cycle, sometimes as innocent victim, other times as aggressor.
For explaining all that in the day after Karlov’s assassination, I was pilloried by the Russians. The Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova demanded an apology for my "Russophobic article" on her Facebook page. She also took exception with me for equating the Jewish student’s assassination of that Nazi diplomat in France in 1938 with a Muslim man’s assassination of a Russian diplomat in Turkey in 2016.
Turns out, Putin's mouthpiece wasn't the only one criticizing that historical connection. I received dozens of emails from American readers also siding with Russia against me on this one.
This is a disturbing trend. The British government has called Putin a war criminal. Yet my hate mail suggests that Americans trust Russia more than our greatest ally, Great Britain. Perhaps that’s because Russia is killing Muslims, which apparently makes his criminality just fine by us.
Much of the hate mail from my fellow Americans was hypocritical: When I wrote an anti-gun story earlier in the year, many venomous readers noticed my Jewish heritage and said that the Holocaust could never have happened if more Jews had been armed to fight off Nazi aggression.
Yet when I point out the reason why a Muslim might take up arms against Russian aggression, I am deemed a traitor who coddles terrorists. I don't think Karlov's assassin was a terrorist. I think he was a soldier.
Remember, terrorism is violence against civilians, like the victims of 9/11 and of Putin's attacks on Aleppo. What Turkish police officer Mevlut Mert Altintas did was an act of war — the same kind of act my Jewish forebears would have committed against the Nazis.
So make up your mind, America — are you with the self-styled freedom fighter or Russia?
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